Spider-Man: No Way Home (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Michael Giacchino - 2021 Soundtrack - Sealed 180 Grm 2LP + Poster

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Spider-Man: No Way Home (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Michael Giacchino 
Label: Sony Classical – 194399 89301
2 x Vinyl, LP, Album, Gatefold - 180g
Gatefold cover jacket. Comes with double-sided printed and folded insert.
Includes an exclusive poster.
Barcode: 0194399893012
Country: Europe
Released: Apr 8, 2022
Genre: Stage & Screen
Style: Score, Soundtrack
A1  Intro To Fake News      1:11
A2 World's Worst Friendly Neighbor     0:51
A3 Damage Control    2:17
A4 Being A Spider Bites    1:05
A5 Gone In A Flash   1:52
A6 All Spell Breaks Loose  3:25
A7 Otto Trouble      4:19
B1 Ghost Fighter In The Sky / Beach Blanket Bro Down     2:47
B2 Strange Bedfellows      1:45
B3 Sling vs Bling    5:00
B4 Octo Gone   3:34
B5 No Good Deed      5:00
B6 Exit Through The Lobby  4:15
C1 A Doom With A View      2:00
C2 Spider Baiting    1:35
C3 Liberty Parlance  1:28
C4 Monster Smash     1:21
C5 Arc Reactor 2:57
C6 Shield Of Pain    4:51
C7 Goblin His Inner Demons 3:54
D1 Forget Me Knots   6:49
D2 Peter Parker Picked A Perilously Precarious Profession      1:31
D3 Arachnoverture    10:06
"The first four cues – from “Intro to Fake News” through to “Being a Spider Bites” – deal with the aftermath of Peter Parker’s ‘unmasking’ as Spider-Man, and have a modern, urban sound that blends Giacchino’s main theme with a series of aggressive electronic tones, groovy tribal percussion licks, chugging electronic guitars (especially in “Damage Control”), and moments of unexpectedly harsh dissonance. Giacchino also revisits some of the ideas from earlier Spider-Man entries in this opening sequence, with a statement of Mysterio’s theme in “Damage Control,” and a pleasant piano-based version of the Peter & MJ Love Theme during “Being a Spider Bites”. Peter’s visit to see Strange in the Sanctum Sanctorium sees Giacchino revisiting some of the orchestrations from his own Dr Strange theme, specifically the raga-like drones which assert themselves throughout the subdued “Gone in a Flash”. They continue with a little more boldness in “All Spell Breaks Loose,” which underscores the scene where Strange casts the spell to make everyone forget that Peter is Spider-Man, but it all goes horribly wrong and ends with a cacophony of orchestral chaos.
The first major action set piece occurs when Peter – who has gone to visit an MIT professor stuck in traffic on a bridge – suddenly finds himself in a battle with Dr Otto Octavius, the super-villain from Spider-Man II, who has crossed over from a different dimension following Strange’s defective spell. Here Giacchino does something really clever, by blending Elfman’s eerie Doc Ock theme with his own new ‘Multiverse Villains’ theme, which has some tonal and rhythmic similarities to the Doc Ock theme, such that the two feel like offshoots from each other. It’s a really intelligent way of musically illustrating the multiverse concept, and as the score develops Giacchino does the same sort of thing with the themes for Goblin, Sandman, and Electro. “Otto Trouble” emerges into a thrilling action cue for the full orchestra, with numerous heroic statements of the main theme, while the subsequent “Ghost Fighter in the Sky/Beach Blanket Bro Down” continues in much the same vein, with eerie string textures and light tropical percussion dominating much of the running time." (MovieMusicUK)
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Format 2LP, 180 Gram
Color Black