Rodney Decroo - Allegheny - 2015 Canadian Poetry Indie Folk Rock LP

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Rodney Decroo - Allegheny

Label: Barge Records / Private Press
Cat#: RDC 1011
Indie Folk Rock Poetry Spoken Word
Vancouver, BC

Side One:

On The Night Of My First Breath
Behind The Gasworks On Railroad Avenue
An Odd Gift - The Allegheny

Side Two:

The Oil Drum
The Lightning Catcher
A Boy's Prayer
Everywhere You Look

Rodney DeCroo, a singer-songwriter, poet and sometime actor, is releasing his sixth album, Allegheny. DeCroo has called Vancouver home for some time now. Originally from a Baptist home near the Allegheny River in Pennsylvania, and by way of Cranbrook, B.C. at age 17, DeCroo has had a long and challenging journey – both personal and creative.

I’ve enjoyed DeCroo’s earlier stuff for its grit and often original takes on country and folk music, but this is something else: gripping, compelling and genuine. Some long-time fans might be surprised, but not those who were really listening; Allegheny is a collection of DeCroo’s poems set to music with producer Robert Malowany.

In this unsettling collection, Vancouver singer/songwriter Rodney DeCroo delivers raw footage of a childhood marred by violence, sudden uprootings, and abuse. Allegheny, BC is a candid, gritty tour through DeCroo’s troubled past in a small coal town outside of Pittsburgh, PA, the bush of northern BC, and his young adult years in Vancouver. Scenes of boys growing up along the banks of the filthy Allegheny River cut to hunting trips with an unpredictable father haunted by the Vietnam War to snapshots of seedy bars and strip clubs as the narrator struggles to come of age despite his circumstances.

Rodney Decroo - The Lightning Catcher

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Rodney DeCroo - On The Night Of My First Breath

From Rodney's poem-song album Allegheny. Allegheny recounts Rodney's life growing up in a small coal in western Pennsylvania along the Allegheny River.

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