Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of The Moon - 1973 Classic Rock - Audiophile Bernie Grundman - Sealed 180 Grm LP

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Pink Floyd – The Dark Side Of The Moon

Label:    Pink Floyd Records – PFR50LP1, Pink Floyd Records – 19658720271
Format:    Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, Remastered, Stereo, 50th Anniversary, 180 Gram
Gatefold cover with two posters and two stickers. Different barcode and Record Industry code than The Dark Side Of The Moon.
Runouts are etched except "37720" "xA" and "xB" (x = number) which are stamped.
With posters and post cards. 
BG initials in the deadwax on both sides, so this is a Bernie Grundman remastering.
Barcode (Text On Sticker): 1 96587 20271 2
Country:    US
Released:    Oct 13, 2023
Genre:    Rock
Style:    Prog Rock, Art Rock




A1 Speak To Me (1:08) 
A2 Breathe (2:48) 
A3 On The Run (3:31) 
A4 Time (7:05) 
A5 The Great Gig In The Sky (4:47) 
Vocals - Clare Torry 


B1 Money (6:23) 
Saxophone - Dick Parry 
B2 Us And Them (7:48) 
Saxophone - Dick Parry 
B3 Any Colour You Like (3:25) 
B4 Brain Damage (3:50) 
B5 Eclipse (2:06)


"I picked up a stand alone vinyl reissue of the Dark Side of the Moon 50th anniversary remastering the other day, and compared it to my A-3, B-3 UK matrix numbers pressing.

The new vinyl release is packaged well, with posters and post cards. The vinyl is dead quiet, even before a cleaning!

BG initials in the deadwax on both sides, so this is a Bernie Grundman remastering.

To get right to the sound, the new reissue is NOT bright at all. It has a warm, tube-like quality to it with deep bass. Separation and soundstage compare very favorably to my A-3, B-3 pressing, and the overall tone is very similar. There's good clarity throughout without being in your face or overly bright.

So where does it lack in comparison? The vocals. They are not bad, but that tube-like warmth places a slight veil between the vocals on my system. Now if your system is leaner, this pressing may be perfect! I clearly heard the difference first in Time, when David sings "Taking away the moments that make up a dull day." Going to my A-3, B-3 pressing, the vocals are clearer, as are all the upper frequencies (money sound effects, etc.)

If I didn't have my A3,B3 to compare, I would be quite happy with the new remastering. Of course, if I must ultimately chose between the two, the A3,B3 is still my go to copy. But the important thing is this new remastering is not BRIGHT or hard sounding. It's very musical and tube like, and on extremely quiet vinyl." 



"Bought my first copy of Dark Side in 1973. Bought an updated version in 2021 when I got back into vinyl. This remastered recording is amazing - sound is so superior to the previous copy. You have to hear it to believe it." (Amazon customer review)



Dark Side of the Moon, originally released in 1973, is one of those albums that is discovered anew by each generation of rock listeners. This complex, often psychedelic music works very well because Pink Floyd doesn't rush anything; the songs are mainly slow to mid-tempo, with attention paid throughout to musical texture and mood. The sound effects on songs like "On the Run," "Time" and especially "Money" (with sampled sounds of clinking coins and cash registers turned into rhythmic accompaniment) are impressive, especially when we remember that 1973 was before the advent of digital recording techniques. This is probably Pink Floyd's best-known work, and it's an excellent place to start if you're new to the band. 

By condensing the sonic explorations of Meddle to actual songs and adding a lush, immaculate production to their trippiest instrumental sections, Pink Floyd inadvertently designed their commercial breakthrough with Dark Side of the Moon. The primary revelation of Dark Side of the Moon is what a little focus does for the band. Roger Waters wrote a series of songs about mundane, everyday details which aren't that impressive by themselves, but when given the sonic backdrop of Floyd's slow, atmospheric soundscapes and carefully placed sound effects, they achieve an emotional resonance. But what gives the album true power is the subtly textured music, which evolves from ponderous, neo-psychedelic art rock to jazz fusion and blues-rock before turning back to psychedelia. It's dense with detail, but leisurely paced, creating its own dark, haunting world. no other record defines them as well as this one.the album set the all time record for longevity on the billboard charts.....


Dark Side Of The Moon stayed on the top 200 until the late 1980's (over 700 weeks), 

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The Dark Side Of The Moon, one of Pink Floyd's most highly acclaimed albums (over 38 million copies sold since its release)

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