Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark ‎– Bauhaus Staircase - 2023 New Wave SYNTHWAVE Pop - Sealed LP

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OMD – Bauhaus Staircase

Label:    100% Records – 100LP138, White Noise – 100LP138
Format:    Vinyl, LP, Album
Barcode: 5060204805363
Country:    Worldwide
Released:    Oct 27, 2023
Genre:    Electronic, Pop
Style:    Synth-pop


A1        Bauhaus Staircase
A2        Anthropocene
A3        Look At You Now
A4        G.E.M.
A5        Where We Started
A6        Veruschka

B1        Slow Train
B2        Don't Go
B3        Kleptocracy
B4        Aphrodite's Favourite Child
B5        Evolution Of Species
B6        Healing


"Bauhaus Staircase, McCluskey and Humphreys’ fourth post-reunion album and first in six years falls solidly within that genre. As far as 21st-century Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark goes, it contains some all-time highs and some all-time lows. Overall, that leaves it as the second-best of the bunch, behind the excellent English Electric (2013). They have honed their craft at creating towering, majestic synthscapes crisscrossed with bold analog melodies and shimmering sci-fi flourishes to the point where it seems like second nature. Indeed, OMD has never sounded better this side of their early 1980s heyday.

The laser-focused title track opens the record with an incessant electronic pulse, revving up like a finely-tuned synthpop machine. McCluskey and Humphreys can be counted on to tackle intriguing and heady bits of history and culture from time to time, topics one wouldn’t expect to find in pop songs. “Bauhaus Staircase” refers to a 1932 work by the German artist Oskar Schlemmer, who painted it as an act of defiance in the face of Nazi pressure to close the Bauhaus art school, hence McCluskey’s avowal to “kick down fascist art”. It’s to his credit that McCluskey can pull this off with charisma rather than pretentiousness or condescension. G.E.M.” and the album’s one clear nod to the outside pop world, the Goldfrapp-referencing “Slow Train”, are as enjoyably sassy and boisterous as anything McCluskey and Humphreys have done in decades. “Klepotcracy” is their latest attempt to recreate the whirling giddiness of signature hit “Enola Gay”, and it’s a pretty good one.

“Veruschka”, like the rest of the album, finds McCluskey in fine voice. Seemingly ageless, it remains untouched by time. The frontman is as emotive, enthusiastic, yet tasteful as ever, even breaking into falsetto on the hopeful closer “Healing”." (Pop Matters review)

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