My Bloody Valentine - MBV - 2013 Indie Shoegaze - Analogue Audiophile - Sealed 180 Grm LP

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My Bloody Valentine - M B V

Label: Domino – REWIGLP160, MBV Records – REWIGLP160
Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, Stereo, Gatefold
This vinyl album has been recorded as an analogue album. It was recorded on 2 inch 24 track analogue tape and mixed onto half inch analogue tape and mastered with no digital processing involved.
The vinyl is a true analogue cut, i.e. it hasn't been put through a digital process during the cutting process unlike over 90% of all vinyl available today.
"The vinyl will be limited due to manufacturing restrictions."
Housed in a gatefold sleeve in the left side and pressed on 180 gram vinyl.
Mastered By [Digital Mastering By] – Alex Wharton
Mastered By [Vinyl Mastering By] – Noel Summerville
Barcode (Sticker printed): 8 87830 01601 8
Country: USA, Canada & Europe
Released: May 21, 2021
Original Released: 22 Feb 2013


LP-A1 She Found Now
LP-A2 Only Tomorrow
LP-A3 Who Sees You
LP-A4 Is This And Yes

LP-B1 If I Am
LP-B2 New You
LP-B3 In Another Way
LP-B4 Nothing Is
LP-B5 Wonder 2

CD-1 She Found Now 5:06
CD-2 Only Tomorrow 6:22
CD-3 Who Sees You 6:12
CD-4 Is This And Yes 5:07
CD-5 If I Am 3:54
CD-6 New You 4:59
CD-7 In Another Way 5:31
CD-8 Nothing Is 3:34
CD-9 Wonder 2 5:52

An amazing recording: it's fresh and new, and yet it often sounds like it could've been recorded 20 years ago. Shields and Butcher have aged well, it seems. The rhythm section is popping as usual. The abrasive quality that made "Loveless" such a startling record is present here on several tracks (particularly the last third of the album) but w/ a "smoother" edge.

The lead-off track and the instantly catchy "New You" are immediate stand-outs for me. After a few dozen listens, I have declared this the best album I'll hear in 2013.

I am very happy to find that "mbv" is really still undeniably MBV! I mean the moment I heard the first fuzzy chord of "She Found Now," I said yes, they're back...finally.

I began to appreciate the recording techniques, open tunings, and especially, the integration of the vocals, in a whole new way. So, I then went back to this record again, expecting to like it even less, after hearing "To Here Knows When" and "Slow" for the first time in a bit. But, much to my pleasant surprise, that wasn't the case. I started to appreciate this for what it is, the Loveless follow up. Who cares the years that have passed. It doesn't really matter. At least, it shouldn't. Ideally, we'd've heard these songs in 1995. But, such are things we don't control.

Gone are the guitars that I loved, in terms of their power. It's a headphones record now, for sure. One that just popped up around Valentine's Day, and on Super Bowl(R) Sunday (aka, "The Big Game"). It was threatened to come out, oh so long ago, even by Kevin himself. I am slowly warming to it. It's a process, to be certain. And a slower one than I'd expected. It's such a long time since it was the '90s. So many things have changed. The musical landscape and imitators, for sure, but everyone changes over 20 years. The band has, I have. Thanksfully, the flow, the slow sonic fuzz remains intact.

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Format LP, 180 Gram
Label M&M
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