Journey – Escape - 40th Ann. Ed. 1981 Pop Rock - Black Vinyl - Sealed 180 Gram LP

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Journey – Escape   1981 Pop Rock Black Vinyl 180 Gram - Sealed LP

Label:      Columbia – 194399216316
Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue , Special Edition, Stereo, 40th Anniversary Edition 180 gram Black Vinyl
2021 Remaster from the Original Tapes!
Remastered from the original analog tapes.
Mastered By – Bob Ludwig
Producer – Kevin Elson, Mike Stone, Steve Perry
Remastered By – Adam Ayan
Barcode: 194399216316
Country:    US
Released:   Aug 26, 2022
Genre:      Rock
Style:      Pop Rock
A1          Don't Stop Believin'    4:10
A2          Stone In Love     4:25
A3          Who's Crying Now  5:01
A4          Keep On Runnin'   3:39
A5          Still They Ride   3:48
B1          Escape      5:15
B2          Lay It Down 4:13
B3          Dead Or Alive     3:20
B4          Mother, Father    5:28
B5          Open Arms   3:21
Escape is Journey's groundbreaking and chart-topping seventh studio album. It includes three of the band's biggest songs, all of which charted inside Billboard's Top Ten: "Who's Crying Now", "Open Arms" and the iconic "Don't Stop Believin'". The album is certified Diamond and has sold over 10 million copies in the US.
(ClassicRock)  "While Cain was the driving force behind crafting many of the songs on Escape, and Perry and Schon provided, without a doubt, the incredible performances of this album (more on them later), bass player Ross Valory added a special touch to this album, with a unique-sounding, high end buzz to his bass sound that gives it just an edge to make the overall sound distinct. This is evident right from the jump on the hit “Don’t Stop Believin’ ” as he compliments the low end of Cain’s rotating piano riff in a preview of one of the elements the distinguishes this album from any other (including other Journey albums).
Neal Schon knows how to make an entrance, holding off for nearly a minute in this opening song, then providing a memorable rapid guitar tap that builds in intensity and volume. The guitarist is on at every moment in this album, making one wonder why he is not better recognized in the present day. He adds a solo at the end of “Who’s Crying Now” that elevates the otherwise standard love song to a new level and shines brightest on “Mother, Father”, the best song on the album.
A true classic in every sense, “Mother, Father” was arranged by Neal’s father and jazz musician Matt Schon who put together the ingenious chord structure that sets the mood for Perry’s soulful vocals and the absolutely superlative solo in the mid section. It climaxes with a surreal, harmonized outro, which completes a song that is as melodramatic as anything The Who ever did, while as deep into the “inner space” as anything that Pink Floyd ever did.

Steve Perry’s voice is a unique entity, unlike any ever quite heard before or since. He compliments any odd 7th or augmented chord by smoothly transitioning from note to note along an almost-superhuman range. He never seems to miss a note, but especially shines on the rockers “Lay It Down” and “Stone In Love”, as well as the ballad “Open Arms”, a calm lullaby that eases the album to its conclusion after the emotional journey of “Mother, Father”."

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Condition New
Format LP, 180 Gram
Color Black