John Wick: Chapter 4 - 2023 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - Tyler Bates and Joel J. Richard - Transparent Orange Vinyl - Sealed 2LP

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Tyler Bates And Joel J. Richard – John Wick: Chapter 4

Label:    Lakeshore Records – LKS36386
Format:    2 x Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Limited Edition, Stereo, Orange Transparent
Barcode: 780163638622
Country:    Worldwide
Released:    Nov 10, 2023
Genre:    Electronic, Hip Hop, Jazz, Rock, Funk / Soul, Classical
Style:    Instrumental, Baroque, Alternative Metal, Modern Classical


A1    Tyler Bates, Joel Richard–    Big Wick Energy
A2    Lola Colette–    Nowhere To Run
A3    Tyler Bates, Joel Richard–    Sand Wick
A4    Tyler Bates, Joel Richard–    Change Your Nature
A5    Tyler Bates, Joel Richard–    Continental Breakfast
A6    Tyler Bates, Joel Richard–    Wick In Osaka
A7    Tyler Bates, Joel Richard–    High Tablein Osaka
A8    Tyler Bates, Joel Richard–    A Grave Accusation
A9    Tyler Bates, Joel Richard–    Grief On A Train

B1    In This Moment–    I Would Die For You
B2    Tyler Bates, Joel Richard–    Of Mincing & Men
B3    Tyler Bates, Joel Richard–    A Grave Situation
B4    Tyler Bates, Joel Richard–    To Get Back In
B5    Tyler Bates, Joel Richard–    Killa's Teeth
B6    Tyler Bates, Joel Richard–    Ambition And Worth
B7    Tyler Bates, Joel Richard–    Dog Lover
B8    Tyler Bates, Joel Richard–    JW, Loving Husband
B9    Tyler Bates, Joel Richard–    Stairs Arrival


C1    Manon Hollander–    Marie Douceur, Marie Colere
C2    Tyler Bates, Joel Richard–    John Wick Rises
C3    Tyler Bates, Joel Richard–    Paris Radio Intro
C4    Tyler Bates, Joel Richard–    Chess Club
C5    Tyler Bates, Joel Richard–    Urban Cowgirl
C6    Tyler Bates, Joel Richard–    Quite The Mess You've Made
C7    Tyler Bates, Joel Richard–    The Ex Ex
C8    Tyler Bates, Joel Richard–    The Ex Ex Chapter 3
C9    Tyler Bates, Joel Richard–    Arc De Triomphe
C10    Tyler Bates, Joel Richard–    Wrong Train

D1    Tyler Bates, Joel Richard–    Sacre-Coeur Sunrise
D2    Tyler Bates, Joel Richard–    Pistol Procession
D3    Tyler Bates, Joel Richard–    Ten Paces
D4    Tyler Bates, Joel Richard–    Twenty Paces
D5    Tyler Bates, Joel Richard–    Helen A Handbasket
D6    Rina Sawayama–    Eye For An Eye
D7    Tyler Bates, Joel Richard–    Cry Mia River



“The score begins with ‘Big Wick Energy’ (absolute masterclass of a track title, I must say). Deep, moody synth notes open the piece with morose strings playing gently alongside until about a minute in, at which point some particularly ominous-sounding deep vocals take centre stage until the track then draws to a moody close thirty seconds later. ‘Sand Wick’ then continues where this leaves off, with some rather Middle Eastern-sounding vocals opening the cue followed by moody synth. At thirty seconds in however action then leaps into the fray, with thunderous electronic beats leading the now rather frenetic pace and the occasional twang of an electric guitar hinting toward the main John Wick theme. The short subsequent ‘Change Your Nature’ then reprises those now pretty well known electronics from the first few scores to showcase the main theme, though its appearance sadly doesn’t last for too long here (just under two minutes). The main theme is then further hinted toward in ‘Wick In Osaka’ with those same electronics echoing darkly in the background in the first minute of the cue, though what sounds like a brand new theme (six notes) then takes over on downtrodden strings in the back half.

The percussive side of the John Wick theme reprises in the sub-minute ‘High Table In Osaka’, with a particularly emphatic electric crescendo being reached just before the end of the piece. This then brings us onto ‘A Grave Accusation’, the score’s first major action setpiece. At just under five minutes long, it begins rather moodily with serene strings, worrisome vocals and quiet percussion hinting toward a higher pace. This all then hits said pace at around the three minute mark, with the vocals becoming much louder and fever-pitched and electronic beats hitting the ground running at a furiously frenetic speed. Thematic hints toward Wick also reprise sporadically throughout this, with a note or two from an electric guitar sounding through every so often until the cue then comes to a pretty loudly dramatic close. Speaking of themes, ‘Grief On A Train’ then reprises the quietly ominous new motif from ‘Wick In Osaka’, though this time in much more sombre, almost sorrowful form on higher-pitched strings. This combined with some rather moody electronics makes for quite a serene cue overall here, but a pretty enjoyable one nonetheless.” (Zano Bard review)

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