Girl Talk - Secret Diary - 2012 Matt Wellins - Electro Glitch - Mash Up - Sealed Pic Disc EP LP

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Girl Talk - Secret Diary

Label: Illegal Art
Cat#: 107
Format: Vinyl, Picture Disc, 12" LP
Country: US
Released: 13 Nov 2012
Genre: Electronic
Style: Glitch


A1 Let's Start This Party Right
A2 I Want You Back
A3 Ffun Haave To
A4 What If...
A5 Time To Get Glamorous

B1 Unicorn Vs. Gravity
B2 The Right Stuff
B3 Fun In The Sun
B4 Jumpin(g)
B5 Friends 4 Ever (Featuring – Matt Wellins)

Where all the Girl Talk fun begins! "[With] John Oswald-ian reconfiguring of pop [and] cut & pasted bits of Joan Osborne and Jay-Z that fly past in a blur, Secret Diary runs the gamut from fullout songs of pilfered parts combined in a patchwork matter to Olivia Tremor Control-ish noise collages."

The chaotic orchestral-noise sounds of Greg Gillis' Girl Talk is loud and abrasive on Secret Diary. The frenetic pace of some of the songs is downright confusing at times, with the listener mentally rushing to figure out the method to the madness. Gillis is somehow able to piece together some timeless pieces of music into a dizzying, yet listenable, collection of collage songs.

The record starts, appropriately, with "Let's Start This Party Right," which is chock-full of computer samples and a wealth of infectious beats. What follows is a lively and irreverent cover of the Jackson 5's "I Want You Back." Cyndi Lauper, Jay-Z, Destiny's Child, and C&C Music Factory are also borrowed from to create an album that is refreshingly new, despite its use of very familiar songs. "What if..." is a noisy and eclectic take on Sheryl Crow's cover of Joan Osborne's "What if God was One of Us." He mixes rap and abrasive electronic beats on top to create a truly original sample. The use of the Price is Right theme song on "Unicorn Vs. Gravity" is pure genius.

On "Fun in the Sun," he blends a deafening series of beats over the Fresh Prince's "Summertime." Matt Wellins collaborates with Gillis on the record's final track, the disorienting and ambitious "Friends 4-Ever." With Secret Diary, Girl Talk impressed many in the electronic noise community.

1991 Girl Talk Secret Diary Commercial

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Girl Talk - Ffun Haave To

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Girl Talk - Let's Start This Party Right

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Format LP
Label Illgo Rhythm Recordings
Color Red, Green, Yellow, Pink