Envy Of None - 2022 Canada Alt Synth Pop Indie Rock - Sealed LP

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Envy Of None – Envy Of None

Label:    Kscope – KSCOPE1144
Format:    Vinyl, LP, Album
Made in Germany
Barcode: 802644814414
Country:    Europe
Released:    Apr 5, 2022
Genre:    Rock


A1        Never Said I Love You
A2        Shadow
A3        Look Inside
A4        Liar
A5        Spy House
A6        Dog's Life

B1        Kabul Blues
B2        Old Strings
B3        Dumb
B4        Enemy
B5        Western Sunset



"Envy of None does not rely on epic solos or powerful riffs, which, again, could have been expected. No, the musicians prefer to focus on the tone and atmosphere, creating one of the musical poles that holds the album, but does not steal the show.

This approach allows them to highlight the work done by vocalist Maiah Wynne. With her ethereal and haunting melodies, she accents the atmosphere created by her bandmates, but also infuses a bit of restraint to simplify perception. She serves as a kind of order in the musical chaos.

On Envy of None the band balances between atmosphere and conventional structures. The opening track Never Said I Love You is an excellent cut and electrifying pop song, which is not devoid of certain darkness. It is also a kind of anomaly on the album, as there is no other track like it here. Instead, they move away from such outright poppiness and focus more on ambient atmosphere. Shadow provides an eerie feeling of the swampy South combined with dark rhythms akin to Depeche Mode. Other tracks possess hypnotic quality (Liar, Enemy), bringing to mind comparisons to Nine Inch Nails or Massive Attack, although not as aggressive. Choruses on Dog’s Life flirt with industrial, but, again, do not involve its typical heaviness. At times the band takes a breather and go for melancholic contemplation like on Kabul Blues or Old Strings." (Sputnik Music review)

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