Bring Me The Horizon - Sempiternal - 2013 Metalcore Hard Rock Punk - Sealed LP

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Bring Me The Horizon - Sempiternal

Label: Sony Music – 88765445021, RCA – 88765445021
Vinyl, LP, Album
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Black vinyl Repress
Standard Black vinyl release
Gatefold cover. Includes a 12 page booklet. Plain white inner sleeve.
Made in EU.
Barcode: 887654450210
Country: Europe
Released: 2013
Genre: Rock

Style: Metalcore


1 Can You Feel My Heart 3:47
2 The House Of Wolves 3:25
3 Empire (Let Them Sing) 3:45
4 Sleepwalking 3:50
5 Go To Hell, For Heaven's Sake 4:02
6 Shadow Moses 4:03

7 And The Snakes Start To Sing 5:01
8 Seen It All Before 4:07
9 Antivist 3:13
10 Crooked Young 3:34
11 Hospital For Souls 6:44

Bring Me the Horizon are back with their pivotal follow up to 2010's There is a Hell. Even with cascading riffs, powerful vocals, and bouncing choruses, Sempiternal enlists an underlining layer of trickery. Isolating these moments takes many listens, but inevitably adds incredible depth.

Sempiternal is Oli's crescendo. In an industry plagued by "chug chug's" and angsty teens trying to sound angry, Oli evokes the actual tone of the word. For instance, when he says "...Can You Fix the broken," or "...Throw Me to the Flames, Watch Me Burn," we as an audience understand, sonically, their sensation. The delivery and distortion of Oli's voice generates tangible visions of the lyrics. This furthers our attachment to the work because that "is how it would sound and feel." It's not sound for the sake of sound, but emotion for the sake of tone. You see hundreds of cliche lyric videos on youtube trying to sound mad, instead of harmonizing the words with their enunciation's. Oli confronts this concept head on and nails it.

A producer should always take bands in a new direction, in terms of sound that is. No one record should replicate another. The most meticulous engineered album can still fall victim to sameness. Fans identify this easily and see it as a sidestep or "b-sides." It's the subtle anxiety and confidence in the producer that creates something definitive. Terry Date (whose list goes on an on, including Deftones) has a particular style. Deftones are unique because they are heavy, yet incredibly transient. Their archetype of sound can put listeners in a trance, while at the same time explode. They're the only band to force fans to exist at an imbalance, or balance depending on how you see it. Sempiternal flirts with this concept on its sleeve.

1. "Can You Feel My Heart" 8/10 - An incredibly different way of starting a BMTH record, with synths and electronic instrumentation. This song didn't strike me as good at first but it has grown on me and now I can truly appreciate this song for what it is, an introduction to change. The vocals are very good on this track.

2. "The House of Wolves" 8/10 - A classic metalcore tune with harsh vocals and some catchy pieces. The headbanging commences on this song, I really like the lyrics on this track and the guitar riff is very catchy and cleverly simple.

3. "Empire (Let Them Sing)" 10/10 - One of my favorites on the record, the opening guitar riff is just so heavy and catchy, it makes me headbang. Just an overall great track with great vocals and strong instrumentation.

4. "Sleepwalking" 10/10 - Another killer track, I love the chorus, so much emotion within the story of the song, it has inspired me in more ways than one.

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Condition New
Format LP
Label Epitaph Records
Color Black