Bonobo - Days To Come - 2006 Downtempo Neo Soul Future Jazz - Sealed 180 Grm 2LP

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Bonobo - Days To Come

Label: Ninja Tune – ZEN 119
Format: 2 × Vinyl, LP, Album

2021 Repress

Barcode: 502 139 245 3187
Country: UK
Released: 02 Oct 2006
Genre: Electronic, Jazz
Style: Future Jazz, Downtempo, Soul, Folk, Contemporary Jazz


Intro 0:53
Days To Come (feat. Bajka) 3:48
Between The Lines (feat. Bajka) 4:33
The Fever 4:18

Transmission 94 (Parts 1 & 2) 7:56
On Your Marks 4:07
Hatoa 4:18

Recurring 5:04
Nightlite 5:07 (feat. Bajka)

If You Stayed Over 5:21
Walk In The Sky (feat. Bajka) 4:32
Ketto 5:03

Shortlisted as top 5 of 2006 by Gilles Peterson then chosen as the 2006 Worldwide All Winners Album of the Year by the audience, Bonobo's Days to Come album is easily the finest fusion of jazz and electro styles to hit the decks in the last year. But, credentials aside, let us now move on to particulars:

INTRO - This intentionally brief interlude makes a bold announcement of the intense soundscapes we are soon to visit. Basically, this album enters without subtlety, it's on and it wants everyone to know it.

DAYS ... - Having just thrilled us (albeit prematurely), we now transition into the groove that will set the mood for most of the album. Further, the newest development in the Bonobo sound-evolution springs itself on us: VOCALS and good ones at that. The inherently rythmic, molasses-sweet voice of Bajka (Poets of Rhythm) harkens us back to the days of Nina Simone while the playfully bouncing beat sweeps us along assuring us with brass and soothing our beast throughout with chimes seemingly being played by the wind itself.

BETWEEN ... - A sharp contrast to the previous track (and the rest of the album), this track is darker focusing its instrumental on enhancing the narrative vocals while the flute, gong, and creaking door-hinge type sound lend themselves to visions of ancient rituals. While there are movements in this track, the general motion seems to be an evolution towards an anticlimactic end.

THE FEVER - Back to the groove and damn is it kickin this time! Notice that the subtler sounds are starting to gain prominence. This arrangement is both beautiful and delicious in its delicate intricacies, layering simple piano-chord progressions over a complex beat before moving into the next movement during which we cannot fight the feeling that this is all starting to get very serious.

KETTO - Did someone say serious? Try mixing a deep, driving bass slam with a jewelry box before adding in some angelbaby-talk and a Brazilian cuckoo just in case. This is the second track to feature hand claps and in this instance they are vital to the timing/beat.

NIGHTLITE - Here it is, the track we've all been waiting for (some of us longer than others but hey " ... come, let's bring light to the night of day."). Such strings! Jazz organ! Guitar! Meaningful pauses, breaks!!! It's all about the burst of musical energy in the final movement " ... have they got problems of they own?"

TRANSMISSION94 1 & 2 - If Nightlite is to be the lyrically inspired crescendo of the album then Transmissions is it's instrumental counterpart. I love nothing more than to try and convince myself that the song is over half-way through, right before the second movement is heralded by the sax, then I realize I've forgotten all about the imminent cyclical breakdown which proceeds to shatter the sound-space continuum with it's brilliant sonic verbosity. As the horns chase spiraling flutes through the cosmos amidst the cymbals' crash I know what it is to return, to forever.

ON YOUR ... - What else are you going to put after Transmission? The throw-away track!

IF YOU ... - This track is a brilliant addition to the rare sub-genre started by (in my mind) Air's "Playground Love" off the Virgin Suicides soundtrack. This sub-genre is the antithesis of the unfortunately overpopulated high-school pop love song niche. A droning, subversive nocturne which exclaims the perverse implications common to all trysts. But what is this at the end? Redemption by reprise!

WALK IN ... - The "parkour theme". Vaguely reminiscent of Days to Come, this narrative acts as something of a bookend before the encore. Notice the cyclical theme that starts to develop/announce itself in this track only to be fully exploited in the next. As with several of the other tracks on this album, the arrangement is such that it only fully develops in the second major movement.

RECURRING - Q: What is recurring? A: Everything! The perfect end to a perfect day, progressively building upon itself to create an undeniable sense of movement, this piece is overflowing with nostalgia and the promise of, what else, Days to Come.

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Format 2LP, 180 Gram
Label Ninja Tune
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