Boards Of Canada - Tomorrow's Harvest - 2013 Downtempo Ambient - Sealed 180 Grm 2LP

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Boards Of Canada - Tomorrow's Harvest

Label: Warp Records – WARPLP257, Music70– WARPLP257
Format: 2 × Vinyl, LP, Album

2023 Repress

Issued in a gatefold cover with printed inner sleeves + free digital download.

Country: UK
Released: 10 Jun 2013
Genre: Electronic
Style: Downtempo, Ambient


A1 Gemini 2:56
A2 Reach For The Dead 4:47
A3 White Cyclosa 3:13
A4 Jacquard Causeway 6:35

B1 Telepath 1:32
B2 Cold Earth 3:42
B3 Transmisiones Ferox 2:18
B4 Sick Times 4:16
B5 Collapse 2:49

C1 Palace Posy 4:05
C2 Split Your Infinities 4:28
C3 Uritual 1:59
C4 Nothing Is Real 3:52
C5 Sundown 2:16

D1 New Seeds 5:39
D2 Come To Dust 4:07
D3 Semena Mertvykh 3:30

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Recorded At – Hexagon Sun
Published By – Warp Music
Copyright (c) – Warp Records Limited
Phonographic Copyright (p) – Warp Records Limited
Pressed By – Optimal Media Production


Artwork, Design, Recorded By, Written-By, Producer – Marcus Eoin, Mike Sandison*
Lacquer Cut By – NS*


Made in EU.

Boards of Canada have always brought a sense of dream like nostalgia with every album they've released, each album being more of a journey into a 'past that never existed', as well as a great listening experience. With Music Has the Right to Children, it seemed to be through such things as public information films, educational documentaries, the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and obscure Video Nasties, evoking a sense of longing for that era with child like dream-scapes. Geogaddi was like a dark, demonic, claustrophobic nightmare, those dreams replaced by nightmares and dread that was more `tales of the unexpected' than `tomorrow's world', invoking a darker side to the nostalgia, using mathematics and numerology and reverse speech (A is to B as B is to C, Gyroscope, The Devil Is In the Details). Then came out The Campfire Headphase, (their most accessible offering), which was like an Eno-esque calm down after the storm, the Boards channelling their nostalgic sounds through wobbling folk like music and organic guitars, with soaring epic melodies like `Dayvan Cowboy'. Unfortunately, for BoC, it was a little too 'straight forward', but still a 'pleasant' listen.

With `Tomorrow's Harvest', most of the nostalgia seems to be that of despair and nihilism. It's an album that builds in a new way upon their previous work and casts it in a 'those golden days are over' kind of light that correlates with the direction the world in general seems to be heading. The sounds of a broken world, paranoia of the future, the cold war (echoing the Protect and Survive [DVD] videos that they flirted with on Geogaddi), and the sounds of a planet 'wasting away'. Opener "Gemini" gives us an immediate false sense of security with a trombone like sound (a bit like something from a 'Protect and Survive' warning video that was broadcast on British TV in the early 80s) before going into full on retro '70s/80s film soundtrack post apocalyptic' mode. `Split your Infinities' contains Dalek like sounds over crunching beats and dark synths. Palace Posy is like a thunderous, Aphex Twin sound alike mantra, and a weird alien type distorted voice towards the end. These vocals seem to appear on a large abundance of the tracks midway through (much like Geogaddi), and the 'subliminal' sounds and messages are perhaps more present than ever, the beats and percussion more diverse and aspiring (the Boards have really triumphed other releases in this department) with ticks, beats and drums that almost leap out in 3-dimensional from all directions, giving a sonic sound-scape of doom and fear.
This is certainly an album that rewards multiple listens to 'crack the code' to get your own personal narrative, as well as to admire the ground breaking genius of it's production.

It's an uncompromising yet more than satisfactory effort from the Boards than The Campfire Headphase, and a progression that is exactly what us BoC fans expect (i.e.- it's a grower, and gets better with each and every single listen, has a new theme, e.t.c). If you're looking for catchy tunes that reach through dreams-capes that bring back the fondest memories of youthful innocence it's pretty scarce, but it's still there, lurking beneath the wasted ruins (Cold Earth is classic melodic BoC). This is the sound of (in my interpretation) wanting to leave a chaotic and corrupted planet that our future is headed towards, and to discover new dimensions in space in the search of hope. But I'm sure other BoC fans will have their own, which is the brilliance of their music. Single `Reach for the Dead' fits in well within the context, and a precursor of the spacey, uncertain darkness that is to come, whilst still maintaining that signature sound of 'icy cold warmth'.

Artwork is always important with any Boards of Canada album. Rockets, the earth's destruction, and other planets (or perhaps even relating to Warfare) are all in the cards. There's even a picture of a boot stepping on what looks like the moon. And as for earth? You only need to take a look at the album cover and a few other pictures of Threads [DVD] [1984] like dystopian cities and landscapes. And as usual, the artwork compliments the sounds perfectly (not to mention the track titles).

BoC sound more 'alien', yet concise, than ever. Even on the beautiful, multi layered melodic classic 'New Seeds', you can hear a warbled sample from 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' at the end. This is essentially BoC's 'exploration of youth, space, and 21st century dystopia', which might explain why the nostalgia sounds bleaker, more hopeless and paranoid. A few tracks contain a 10-0 countdown to 'pushing the button' of a nuclear missile, with firey sounds in the background. So yeah, pretty different from 'The Campfire Headphase'.

It ends with the 'Corsair' like 'Semena Mertvykh', a final short, dark ambient piece that sounds like a planet lacking hope, a finale of planet earth 'soaring through space' out of sheer sadness and desperation. It's the sound of the end of times.

Tomorrows Harvest (named after 'an online clothing and supplies store that seems to cater for crisis scenarios - frozen and sealed food supplies, gas masks, and solar power') is a very strong, yet unremittingly bleak (their bleakest yet), return from The Boards, those childhood dreams of the past now shattered by a dark and uncertain future, a journey through sonic firey landscapes, channelled through the murky era of 70s and 80s dystopian film synth scores (of the Video Nasties variety), combining the classic sounds of their back catalogue with exciting new twists. And they do a damn fine job taking you to this strange, dissonant yet terrifying place, that will have you pressing the replay button time and time again until countdown to 0.

Boards of Canada - Gemini

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Boards of Canada - Split Your Infinities

"Tomorrows harvest is such a magnificent album.real head trip from start to finish"

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Boards of Canada - Cold Earth

"Classic boards of canada sound. Like the Geogaddi album, the song Olson, etc."

"Pretty emotional and cinematic album."

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Boards of Canada - Collapse

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Boards of Canada - Nothing is Real

"This song reminds me most of Music Has a Right to Children and Campfire Headphase."

"This, this is the one. more than anything else on this fantastic album, this song stopped me in my tracks the first time i heard it"

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Boards of Canada - 'Tomorrow's Harvest' premiere listening event

"On May 27th the first ever listening of the new Boards of Canada album 'Tomorrow's Harvest' took place in the middle of the Californian desert. Decoded from a graphic and a film, with no promise of what lay at the end of the road - around 100 fans drove for up to 15 hours to this long-abandoned water park."

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