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Do Make Say Think - Do Make Say Think - 1997 Post Rock 180 Gram 2LP

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Vinyl Records, Vancouver, BC, Canada
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Tool - Undertow - 1993 Hard Prog Rock - 2LP

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Condition: New

Tool – Undertow

Label: Volcano – 61422-31052-1, Tool Dissectional – 61422-31052-1
Format: 2 × Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue
Copy has dented corner

Not to be confused with this earlier pressing which contains the exact same disc in a different sleeve.
This sleeve has the Parental Advisory warning on the cover (i.e. NOT a sticker)
Country: US
Originally released: 1993
Issue Released: 2006
Genre: Rock
Style: Hard Rock, Prog Rock


A1 Intolerance 4:54
A2 Prison Sex 4:55
A3 Sober 5:06

B1 Bottom 7:13
Vocals - Henry Rollins
B2 Crawl Away 5:29
B3 Swamp Song 5:31

C1 Undertow 5:21
C2 4° 6:02
C3 Flood 7:45

D1 Disgustipated 15:47
Mixed By - Sylvia Massy

Bass - Paul D'Amour
Drums - Danny Carey
Engineer [Assistant] - Brad Cook , Chris Olivas , Robert Fayer
Guitar - Adam Jones
Mixed By - Ron St. Germain (tracks: A1 to C3)
Producer - Tool
Producer, Engineer - Sylvia Massy
Vocals - Maynard James Keenan

On label:
© 1993 Volcano Entertainment II, L.L.C.
Manufactured by Zomba Recording Corporation.
All rights reserved. Printed in U.S.A.

On sleeve:
61422-31052-1 & © 1993 Tool Dissectional, LLC / Volcano Entertainment II, LLC.
Manufactured in the United States by Sony BMG Music Entertainment.

Undertow, however, is a pretty rich heavy metal album. Only traces of the alternative/grunge sound hover around Undertow's edges -- mainly the production style and some of the riffs. But in most respects, this is very much a metal record.

Intellectually, however, Tool steps well beyond most metal bands with innovative musical intricacies and astute lyrics. Keenan is one of the most powerful vocalists in rock/metal, and his delivery is perfectly dramatic on songs like "Sober" (with its powerful ending) and "Crawl Away", where he whispers and roars. Adam Jones is a very unique guitarist, not playing conventional solos, and usually basing his playing on just a few chords per song.

However, Tool is more about band interplay than individual playing: Danny Carey's exact and meticulous drumming; Paul d'Amour's gritty, growling bass; Jones' scratching guitar sounds, silent nuance, or earsplitting power chords. The title track is the most dynamic musically, with clever riffs and awesome vocals. "4 Degrees" shows the band's interest in Middle Eastern influences (which would inform parts of Lateralus). I recommend getting the lyrics from Tool's site and following along as you listen. It really gives the songs more impact.

And, of course, we expect a Tool album to have something weird on it. The trippy 16-minute "Disgustipated" finishes off the album, starting on track 10 and ending on track 69. Tracks 10-68 are just blank, 1-second bits. Then, on track 69, things start to happen. There's some dialogue, some sounds, some singing, and a *bit* of music. Listen closely to the words and think about it...interesting stuff. It's amusingly weird and cool.

Tool - Undertow (Live)

just love when he's sinking, drowning in the "water" (3:40), kinda like the same water mentioned in "Flood" that's going to reach out to him.

Tool - Undertow

Tool - Sober

Music Video

TOOL - Disgustipated

This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 19 February, 2012.
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