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Neil Diamond - Classics The Early Years - Pop Rock Vocal - LP

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Condition: Used

Neil Diamond - Classics The Early Years

Catalog#: WPC 38792
Format:Vinyl, LP

Condition: VG++/Mint
Cover is VG++

Genre:Pop, Rock


Side A
A1 Kentucky Woman 2:24
A2 Cherry, Cherry 2:41
A3 Solitary Man 2:33
A4 You Got To Me 2:46
A5 I Got The Feelin' (Oh No, No) 2:10
A6 Thank The Lord For The Night Time 3:03

Side B
B1 I'm A Believer 2:38
B2 Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon 3:20
B3 Shilo 3:49
B4 Do It 2:22
B5 Red, Red Wine 2:39
B6 The Boat That I Row 2:41

Producer - Ellie Greenwich , Jeff Barry
Written-By - Neil Diamond

Classics: The Early Years is a very solid CD by Neil Diamond. Neil can sing along with the very best of them; and we are better off for his sharing his artistry with us. The sound quality is excellent and the artwork is also very good.

"Kentucky Woman" starts off the LP with a rockin' hit by Neil! The guitar work is great and the vocals by Neil Diamond couldn't sound better! Neil sounds pretty strong on this tune; his voice is in excellent form. "Cherry, Cherry" has an excellent melody and Neil sings this to perfection--and beyond! The percussion and keyboards mark the beat and the backup chorus enhances the beauty of this rocking ballad! I love it.

"Solitary Man" again gives us Neil Diamond rockin' hard; and the brass complements his vocals perfectly. The subtle backup chorus harmonizes well and it all holds its own very well. "I Got The Feelin' (Oh No, No)" shines when Neil Diamond sings this; and there's yet another backup chorus to bolster Neil's performance. Honestly, however, Neil Diamond really didn't need any backup vocalists to make his numbers shine--his excellent sense of timing and his very good diction were more than enough to make his performances solid every time!

"I'm A Believer" features Neil Diamond doing an excellent cover of this rock ballad originally performed by The Monkees; and I'm sure they were proud to hear Neil Diamond do such a fine rendition of their tune! Neil takes "I'm A Believer" and makes it his own by playing with the tempo and adding a few subtle key changes; and it works wonders for this tune.

"Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon" got a lot of airplay when I was a young kid; and Neil Diamond still sounds wonderful when I hear him sing this out! Neil Diamond handles complicated tempo changes effortlessly--but we know it wasn't really that easy. Neil's talents helped him immeasurably. "Do It" has some great percussion and guitar while Neil does this flawlessly; and listen also for Neil on "Red Red Wine." "Red Red Wine" slows down the tempo quite a bit and this torch song gets the royal treatment from Neil Diamond.

The album ends nicely with Neil Diamond performing "The Boat That I Row." "The Boat That I Row" has an upbeat, rockin' flavor to it and Neil makes this a strong ending for this LP.

People who love Neil Diamond will certainly want this for their collections if they don't have these classic songs already. In addition, people who enjoy that 1970s sound of high octane rock and roll will love this album as well.

Neil Diamond - Cherry Cherry

Neil Diamond is such an abundantly gifted individual!
Unique sound, incredible talent for writing, amazing entertainer, intelligent, such an interesting man.

Neil Diamond - Solitary Man

Neil Diamond - Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon

People forget just how soulful most of his 60's stuff is.

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 02 July, 2010.

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