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Misfits - Misfits - Collection 1 - Classic Horror Punk - LP

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Condition: New

Misfits - Misfits

Label: Plan 9
Catalog#: PL9-09
Format: LP, Vinyl

Country: US
Released: 1986
Genre: Rock
Style: Punk
Notes: Although it was originally released as an untitled album, it is sometimes referred to as "Collection I" or "Collections".
Contain previously unreleased versions


Side One:

1 She (1:22)
2 Hollywood Babylon (2:20)
3 Bullet (1:38)
4 Horror Business (2:45)
5 Teenagers From Mars (2:43)
6 Night Of The Living Dead (1:57)
7 Where Eagles Dare (2:08)
8 Vampira (1:12)
9 I Turned Into A Martian (1:43)
10 Skulls (1:58)

Side Two:

11 London Dungeon (2:34)
12 Ghouls Night Out (1:57)
13 Astro Zombies (2:11)
14 Mommy Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight? (2:01)
15 Die, Die My Darling (3:09)
16 Earth A.D. (2:09)
17 Devilock (1:26)
18 Death Comes Ripping (1:53)
19 Green Hell (1:53)
20 Wolfsblood (1:11)

The Misfits are one of if not my favorite rock bands. This is a good way to get into their stuff, sort of a greatest hits type package for a band that i can hardly imagine being played on the radio. This is classic punk, dark lyrics dealing with horror films over top of brilliant harmonies and melodies vaguely similar to old school rock'n'roll like Buddy Holly.

This Misfits collection is just as good as everything else they've ever released, obviously meaning it kicks obscene amounts of ass. If you're new to the Misfits this is the best place to start as it basically has a setlist representing the musical variations found on each of their three official LP's, essentially somewhat Ramones-esque punk rock with songs featuring various B Horror/Sci-Fi themes. If the imagery of the Misfits drew you towards checking them out, chances are you'll love them because they give you everything you'd expect and do it like no one else could.
"Earth A.D." is the absolute best.

The way to really experiance The Misfits, aside from their legendary Halloween shows, is on vinyl. They were a singles band. Tiny 45's with great art and undeniable hooks. Imagine early KISS (when they actually cared about writing catchy rock tunes) as a punk band with the gore set on MORE and you've got some idea what the Danzig-era Misfits were like. A good helping of those early singles are compiled here. Ear-candy by any measure. "Horror Business" is some really foot-pounding, knife-wielding stuff. "Where Eagles Dare" has a bassline that has (for better or worse) spawned a thousand bands. Play "Death Comes Ripping" at work & you will incite a mosh-pit before you get fired. "Bullet" encapsulates everything that was great about them into a minute and half blitz. The problem lies in the production. This is a great collection of superb songs that were poorly recorded (hence the one star deduction). You must listen to the Misfits at high volume. That's a given.. The tremors caused by the Misfits will be felt for years to come. Irresistable. Be warned though...these songs will stick in your head for days

Misfits - Devilock (Danzig live)

Misfits - Death Comes a Ripping

this songs is incredible!

The Misfits - Where Eagles Dare

Misfits - Horror Business

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 21 August, 2008.
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