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Minor Threat - Out Of Step - Hardcore Punk LP

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Condition: New

Minor Threat - Out Of Step

Label: Dischord Records
Catalog#: Dischord 10
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: US
Originally Released: 1983
New Remastered Issue from original source tapes
Genre: Rock
Style: Hardcore, Punk


A1 Betray
A2 It Follows
A3 Think Again
A4 Look Back & Laugh

B1 Sob Story
B2 No Reason
B3 Little Friend
B4 Out Of Step

Minor Threat was an American hardcore punk band that formed in Washington DC in 1980 and disbanded in 1983. While Minor Threat was short-lived, it had a strong influence on the hardcore punk music scene in the United States. Minor Threat's song "Straight Edge" was the basis for the straight edge movement, and the band often professed their own "straight edge" ideals. Critics have called Minor Threat's music "iconic," and have noted that their "groundbreaking" music "has held up better than [that of] most of their contemporaries."

Along with the fellow Washington DC hardcore band Bad Brains, Minor Threat set the standard for many hardcore punk bands in the 1980s and 1990s. They produced short, often astonishingly fast songs, eventually with high production quality, which at the time was lacking in most punk and alternative rock. All of Minor Threat's records were released on the band's own Dischord Records label.

While at Wilson High School, Ian MacKaye and Jeff Nelson were in the Washington DC punk band The Teen Idles. After that band broke up, MacKaye decided to switch from bass guitar to vocals, and organized Minor Threat with Nelson, bassist Brian Baker and guitarist Lyle Preslar. Minor Threat's first performance was in December 1980, opening for Bad Brains. Their first 7" EPs, Minor Threat and In My Eyes, were released in 1981. The group became popular regionally, and toured the United States east coast and Midwest.

"Straight Edge," a song on the first EP, helped to inspire the straight edge movement. The song seemed to be a call for abstinence from alcohol and other drugs— a new thing in rock music, which initially found a small, but dedicated following. Other prominent groups that subsequently advocated the straight edge stance included SS Decontrol and 7 Seconds.

Another Minor Threat song from the second EP, "Out of Step", further demonstrates the belief: " Don't smoke/Don't drink/Don't fuck/At least I can fucking think/I can't keep up/I'm out of step with the world." The "I" in the lyrics was only implied (mainly because it didn't quite fit the rhythm of the song), and some in Minor Threat -- Jeff Nelson in particular -- took exception to what they saw as MacKaye's imperious attitude on the song.

Minor Threat - Out of Step

I kind of consider Minor Threat the Buddy Holly of punk. They were up there with the most legendary without being the stereotypical drug using 'tough guys'. I love other bands with the live fast die young attitude, but Minor Threat's message really exercised punk's freedom to deviate from even its own general expectations. Not like so many straight edgers right now, who made an oppositional 'movement' to it instead of just promoting the freedom of this culture to choose your own path

Minor Threat - No Reason

Minor Threat - It Follows

Minor Threat Live at the 930 Club, 1983

Minor Threat - Betray

One of Minor Threat's longest songs at 3 minutes. Their chord progressions are so awesome I wish they would jam on them for about 1 extra minute on ALL their songs. "I'm going to say exactly whats on my mind and I'm going to do it in 32 seconds" -Ian McKaye, 1982

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