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Electric Wizard - Come My Fanatics - 1997 Stoner Rock Doom Metal Purple Vinyl 2LP

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MF Doom - MM..Food - Underground Hip Hop - 2 LP

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Condition: New

MF Doom - MM..Food

Label: Rhymesayers Entertainment
Catalog#: RS0084-1
Format: 2 x Vinyl, LP, Repress
Condition: NEW

Country: US
Released: 24 Jul 2007
Genre: Hip Hop

Credits: Artwork By - Jason Jagel
Artwork By [Design] - Jeff Jank
Executive Producer - Brent "Siddiq" Sayers , Daniel Dumile , Jasmine Thomas
Producer - MF Doom (tracks: A1, A2, B2 to C3, D2 to D4)
comes with 2 LPs in a paper sleeve. .

A1 Beef Rapp
A2 Hoe Cakes
A3 Potholderz
Producer, Rap [Featuring] - Count Bass D

B1 One Beer
Producer - Madlib
B2 Deep Fried Frenz
B3 Poo-Putt Platter
B4 Fillet-O-Rapper
B5 Gumbo

C1 Fig Leaf Bi-Carbonate
C2 Kon Karne
C3 Guinnesses
Rap [Featuring] - 4-Ize , Angelika

D1 Kon Queso
Producer - PNS
D2 Rapp Snitch Knishes
Rap [Featuring] - Mr. Fantastik
D3 Vomitspit
D4 Kookies

The return of MF Doom may not be much of a "return" if you've been up to date with his projects as alter egos (Victor Vaughn, King Greedoh, Madvillian), but at its base "MM..Food" IS the return of an album completely controlled by Doom: lyrics AND beats (check the Exec. Producer notes... MF is in charge). To bootleggers this album might be a disappointment, because several tracks were already "released" (aka jacked) on the Internet. However for the faithful, "MM..Food" comes as a refreshing meal of MF Doom material.

The Food concept album hits hard right away with "Beef Rapp", featuring a cartoon supervillain esq. sample (I love the line that reviewer Black Gate pointed out first "Are you rhymers or stripping males?/ Outta work jerks since they shut down Chippendales."). But, things get really hot with "Hoe Cakes" which has MF Doom at his best, playing off the beat with its "Super!" sample that weaves in and out. This all over-top an ill beat-box and this track will have you skipping back for repeat listens. It takes some time to get used to, but the awkward beat "Potholderz" works pretty well with as sample that is simply "Hot S**t!!" Count Bass D is ok, but you can't front too much cause he produced the track. Doom however works quite well on here ("A lot of n***az wish to die/ Need to hold they horses, There's bigger fish to fry/ Your on the list, If not hit the number spot/ Ten and a half Timbs is made to kick your bumbaclot"). "One Beer" is a reunion of sorts, in that it pairs the rhymes of MF with Madlib's production, but its sound makes it hard to compare it to a Madvillian track (unless you count the fact that the duo are again flawless together). And for all the haters that criticize Doom for never making a point with his tracks, look no further than "Deep Fried Frienz." The 80's beat and ingenious Whodini sample thump as MF turns another track into a Doom classic (" FRIENDS - Some come in the form of co-dependence/ A lot a times only end up being co-defendants/ Ten bucks say they tell for a lower sentence/ And leave you up under the jail, beggin for repentance").

Intermission?? [In case you were getting too much into "MM..Food", Doom inexplicitly throws in 6 minutes of skits to completely break up the flow... why?]

Thankfully it takes no time to get hooked on the food again with the jazzy beat of "Kon Karne." It seems so incredible, until you pay attention to the rhymes and realize just how absurd gets ("Buy a plate, Isolate the wires/ Try the straight pliers if not the vise grips/ A real price saver way to acquire nice whips/ What a steal for real on wheels of steel/ Stunner a funner summer number one meal deal bummer/ A bizarre phenomenon is your armor on/ Take ya cash karma or break ya fast Ramadan/ Trons action drama awww come on Barney/ Clack clack pardon me wack rap Kon Karne"). Doom takes a break from the mic and lets Angelika & 4ize shine on "Guinnesses" which is actually a really solid track. The break doesn't last too long as MF gets back on "Kon Queso" which is another solid track.

"MM..Food" ends on three ridiculous tracks, each will have you begging for more. Mr. Fantastik teams up with Doom over the chill 80's guitar `Miami Vice' type beat of "Rapp Snitch Knishes." The pair compliment each other perfectly as Fantastik's smooth flow seems to ride the beat beautifully and almost effortlessly, while Doom hits hard and drops his usual quotables ("A little grease always keeps the wheels a spinnin/ Like sittin on twenty threes to get the squealers grinning/ Hittin on many trees, feel real linen/ Spittin on enemies, get the steel for tin men/ Where no brains but gum flap/ He said his gun clap, then he fled after one slap/ (Pat!) son shut your trap"). "Vomitspit" uses another low-key jazz educed beat to just let Doom flow seamlessly over the track. Finally, "Kookies" rocks a TV show theme song sample as doom jacks up the drums a notch. It's a perfect end to the album (if "MM..Food" was a meal, this is the desert).

If you had to rate the lyrics on this album, they would easily mark a perfect score. As for the beats they would also achieve high marks. The biggest thing you'll struggle with many of the tracks on "MM..Food" is figuring out which is better: MF Doom's beats or rhymes. In fact the only fault of "MM..Food" lies in the album structure. The album is quite short at 49 min., which, at first glance is really no different than most MF Doom albums. But, if you take out the skits (at least 13 min running time), you're looking at 36 min of music. That's definitely not enough. In addition having 4 skits (or "Special Recipes" as they are called here) back to back in the middle of the album really breaks up the flow, as noted before. Also, a lot of the Dr. Doom/Fantastic 4 skits repeat. Again this is probably overly picky, but hey... you have to be critical. One positive aspect of the structure is that the Food concept works pretty well.

While you can look at these faults and be discouraged, the fact is the music on this album is phenomenal. I can't get it out of my head! Even though most tracks only last two minuets Doom's lyrics never get old, because it seems you discover something new every time you listen. Despite its annoying minor faults, at its essence you can't deny that this is damn good hip-hop. "MM..Food" feels like going back for a home cooked meal, don't pass up the opportunity.

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