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Def Jam

1. Money Over Bullsh*t
2. You Can't Kill Me
3. Carry on Tradition
4. Where Are They Now

5. Hip Hop Is Dead - Nas,,
6. Who Killed It?
7. Black Republican - Jay-Z, , Nas
8. Not Going Back - Kelis, Nas

9. Still Dreaming - Chrisette Michele, Nas, Kanye West
10. Hold Down the Block
11. Blunt Ashes
12. Let There Be Light - Nas, Tre Williams

13. Play on Playa - Nas, Snoop Dogg
14. Can't Forget About You - Chrisette Michele, Nas
15. Hustlers - Marsha Ambrosius, , The Game, Nas
16. Hope

Given its provocative title, it's no surprise that parts of Hip Hop Is Dead feel like an elegy of sorts. Nas practically came into the game looking backwards (see "Memory Lane" off Illmatic) but he seems more nostalgic than ever with tracks like "Where Are They Now?," "Carry on Tradition," "Can't Forget About You," and the title song which all focus on rap's past.

As has become habit, Nas does manage to knock out a handful of excellent songs ("Can't Forget" and "Play on Playa" for example),

Overall, the album was received very well by critics, both rap and otherwise.
"Nas has made a passionate album to reawaken your love of the art and if your heart isn't thumping in your chest by the end then it's not hip-hop that's dead, it's you."

Nas is hip-hop's "grumpiest man," , and the album "is a lot like Nas himself: impossible not to admire, but hard to love."

Nas chronology
Street's Disciple
(2004) Hip Hop Is Dead
(2006) The Lost Tapes 2

Hip Hop Is Dead is a 2006 album by American hip-hop artist Nas that was released on December 19, 2006. The LP is Nas' eighth album of all-original material, and his first album for Def Jam Recordings. Nas' previous label, Columbia Records, co-financed the album with Def Jam. It was Nas' third album to debut at #1 on the Billboard 200, selling 355,880 copies in its first week.

Nas announced the album's title after a performance on May 18, 2006.In a late September interview with United Kingdom's "Westwood" radio show, Nas said, "Hip-hop is dead because we as artists no longer have the power." He went on to say, "Could you imagine what 50 Cent could be doing, Nas, Jay, Eminem, if we were the Jimmy Iovines. Could you imagine the power we'd have? I think that's where we're headed." He has described the album as a mixture of "street" records, "political" records and collaborations.[4] In another interview Nas said,

“ ...basically America is dead. There is no political voice. Music is dead. Our way of thinking is dead, our commerce is dead. Everything in this society has been done. That's where we are as a country.”

The title has had a major impact in the hip hop world, especially for Southern hip hop, whose artists have been blamed for cheapening the quality of hip-hop with crunk and snap music. Southern rapper Young Jeezy had made statements against the title of Nas's album, and also furthered his comments by questioning Nas' street credibility. They have since reconciled.[6] Many other Southern rappers such as Ludacris, Trick Daddy, Lil Wayne and Big Boi (whose fellow Outkast member, Andre 3000, declared hip hop was dying shortly after the release of Speakerboxxx/The Love Below) have also attacked Nas' album title claiming that it is targeted at Southern hip hop.[7] Nas also has a fair share of supporters such as New York rapper KRS-One and Ghostface Killah, another rapper who blames hip hop's death on Snap music.


Nas feat. Kanye West - Still Dreaming

Such an underrated track. The beat, Kanye on the hook, Nas' verses... classic

NAS - Black Republican - Jay-Z, , Nas

Nas - Where Are They Now

Nas You Can't Kill Me

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