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The Cure - 4:13 Dream - Dark Goth Art Rock 2008 2LP

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Condition: New

The Cure - 4:13 Dream

Label: Suretone, Geffen Records
Catalog#: B0010913-01, B0010913-01
Format: 2 x Vinyl, LP NEW

Country: US
Released: 2008
Genre: Rock
Style: Goth Rock
Credits: Bass - Simon Gallup
Drums - Jason Cooper
Guitar - Porl Thompson , Robert Smith
Producer - Keith Uddin
Vocals - Robert Smith
Rating: 5.0/5


A1 Underneath The Stars
A2 The Only One
A3 The Reasons Why

B1 Freakshow
B2 Siren Song
B3 The Real Snow White
B4 The Hungry Ghost

C1 Switch
C2 The Perfect Boy
C3 This. Here And Now. With You

D1 Sleep When I'm Dead
D2 The Scream
D3 It's Over

No one ever managed to nail aimless suburban alienation quite like the Cure, so sensitive yet so party-hearty, and 4:13 Dream, their thirteenth studio album and first in four years, lands in a musical landscape infested with their descendents. Yet Robert Smith and his old blokes can still show the young shavers how it’s done, even as they enter their fourth decade as a working band. The wistful yet ominous opener, "Underneath the Stars," seems to slip towards Pink Floyd’s "Wish You Were Here," making for a perfect exemplar of the Cure’s highly nuanced, yet undeniably commercial, English art-rock. "The Only One" seems to rework their own, twenty-year-old classic, "Just Like Heaven," while the febrile scratchy funk of "Switch" sounds peculiarly contemporary right now. Their woozy "Sirensong" simply refuses to settle into predictablility,

Picture this: Disintegration is the beautiful model you see in a glossy magazine picture, glacially gorgeous, but in some ways unapproachable. Wish is the pretty girl you see at a party, and while she may not be Disintegration-beautiful, she's a hell of a lot more fun, and a lot easier to get into. Wild Mood Swings is the plain girl with a crush on the guy that will never have any interest in her, and that only makes her try harder and harder to please him, never able to really give him what he wants or make him into her. Bloodflowers is a dark, mysterious beauty, and when she isn't busy cutting herself, she's illustrating to you that she does in fact understand something about life, love, and pain, and you just have to stick with her long enough to get her message. The Cure is just an angsty emo girl sitting in her room decrying the state of the world with embarrassingly childish notebook poetry, listening to the bands that her daddy served as the greatest influence for. And now, we have 4:13 Dream, who just so happens to be the fun, cool, pretty girl that every guy wants to be around and every girl wants to be. Suffice to say, 4:13 Dream is probably the best album the Cure have released since Wish, depending on your personal preference for Bloodflowers.

4:13 Dream opens with what is easily the best song Robert Smith has written since Disintegration, Underneath The Stars. This is a dark, swirling, brutal kind of song, washing over the listener in layers of reverb guitar and plaintive echoed cries. Smith's singing and lyrics on this track are top notch, standing as the best track on the album, and one of the best Cure openers ever. The album moves on to the fun pop of The Only One, which I reviewed at length on its release. Track three, The Reasons Why, is a Wish-era pop rocker complete with rocking riffs and some glorious embarrassing lyrics about suicide. Freakshow is a fun funk track it he vein of Why Can't I Be You? And Hot Hot Hot!!!, though it fails to light quite the dancing fire that those songs did. Sirensong is a gorgeous strummed ballad, akin to something off of Bloodflowers, if Bloodflowers weren't so completely dark, and its definitely one of the album highlights, creating a bit of respite between the string a rockers that start with The Reasons Why. The Real Snow White and The Hungry Ghost work brilliantly together, building a tension based on a mass of riffing guitar and driving bass lines, with Smith singing with vigor and great subtlety. Switch is one of my less favored tracks on the album, failing to be as dark as the Pornography sound that influences it. The Perfect Boy, which I also reviewed upon its release as a single, is a smooth pop ballad, and definitely one of the best "love songs" that Smith has written since the `80s, though the whole "love" aspect of the tune is somewhat debatable. With The Perfect Boy out of the way, This. Here and Now. With You sets up the rock roller coaster that is the final four tracks of 4:13 Dream. It's a surprisingly spry track, and one that will likely grow on listeners as opposed to having instant appeal. Sleep When I'm Dead is a solid alt rocker, but not one of the best tracks on the album, weighed down with some strange God-complex lyrics. The Scream is the brutality that Switch fails to be, closing with an epic scream the likes of which I don't think we've ever heard from Smith. Closer, It's Over, is surprisingly fast paced for a Cure closing track, but it's good and works the album into a frenzy just before its abrupt end.

All in all, 4:13 Dream is one of the best Cure records we've seen in a very long time, and I have no doubt that in years to come it will be at the top of many a fan's list. The Cure have recorded one of the best albums of the year, so don't miss out.

The Cure - Sirensong

The Cure - the only one

The Cure The Reasons Why


"The Reasons Why" by The Cure from the album 4:13 DREAM

The album grows on you! after listening to it a few times its GREAT!!!

The Cure - Underneath The Stars

The Cure live 2009 O2 arena in London

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 28 January, 2009.

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