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Do Make Say Think - Do Make Say Think - 1997 Post Rock 180 Gram 2LP

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Arts & Crafts International
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Vinyl Records, Vancouver, BC, Canada
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Broken Social Scene - S/T - 2005 Beautiful Canadian Indie Rock 180 Grm 2LP

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Condition: New

Broken Social Scene - Broken Social Scene

Label: Arts & Crafts International

– A&C 014
Format: 2 × Vinyl, LP, Album
has inner lyric sleeves
Country: Canada
Released: 2005
Genre: Rock
Style: Art Rock, Indie Rock, Experimental


A1 Our Faces Split The Coast In Half
Vocals – Murray Lightburn 3:42
A2 Ibi Dreams Of Pavement / A Better Day 4:27
A3 7/4 (Shoreline) 4:53
A4 Finish Your Collapse And Stay For Breakfast 1:24
A5 Major Label Debut
Violin – Julie Penner 4:28

B1 Fire Eyed Boy 3:58
B2 Windsurfing Nation
Featuring – K-OS 4:35
B3 Swimmers 2:55
B4 Hotel 4:35
B5 Handjobs For The Holiday
Drums – Jason Tait 4:39

C1 Superconnected 5:39
C2 Bandwitch 6:58
C3 Tremoloa Debut 0:59
C4 Its All Gonna Break 9:55

D1 Her Disappearing Theme 2:40
D2 Canada vs America 6:19
D3 Baroque Social 2:59
D4 No Smiling Darkness / Snake Charmers Association 2:14
D5 All My Friends 2:55
D6 Major Label Debut (Fast) 2:49
D7 Feel Good Lost Reprise 3:05

Artwork – Brendan Canning, Christopher Mills, Justin Peroff, Kevin Drew
Design – Louise Upperton
Mastered By – Noah Mintz
Recorded By, Mixed By – David Newfeld

Comes with the "EP to Be You and Me" EP on side D.

Broken Social Scene, for this recording, are: Brendan Canning, Kevin Drew, Justin Peroff, Charles Spearin, Andrew Whiteman, Jason Collett, David Newfeld, Feist, Emily Haines, James Shaw, Evan Cranley, Amy Millan, Ohad Benchetrit, Martin Davis Kinack, Jo-Ann Goldsmith, Torquil Campbell, John Crossingham.

Broken Social Scene, a loose collective of up to 17 people from all around Canada, has a well-elaborated history. De-facto band leader Kevin Drew (Do Make Say Think) and Brendan Canning have, since 1999, been committed to their mission of creating beautiful indie rock. Broken Social Scene's debut, Feel Good Lost, was an album-long instrumental that left many (me included) wondering where this supercollective was going.

Then, in 2002, "You Forgot it In People" hit like a hydrogen bomb. Here, we had musicians famous for making 10-20 minute epics compressing themselves into a 4 minute pop song. And it really, really worked. YFIIP was nearly flawless.

"Broken Social Scene" was, due to the immense popularity of YFIIP, one of the most widely-anticipated albums of 2005. Anyone familiar with the band could not wait to see the direction they went next. This record, it turns out, is an interesting hybrid of their first two recordings. There are remnants of the instrumentals of "Feel Good Lost," somehow magically intertwined with the pop feel of YFIIP.

The real difference in these albums is the feel of the recording. YFIIP was tight, composed, and put together. It was BSS at 10am, ready to take on the world. This album gives us a glimpse at BSS at 730, just waking up, not yet ready, but still brilliant.

There are many times on this album that hit you with a formidable wall of sounds, and it takes multiple listenings to decipher what is really going on.

Producer David Newfield (who apparently "became obsessed" with trying to top YFIIP) makes some of the riskiest moved behind a console I've heard in quite some time, but somehow manages to bring together innumerable instruments into a cohesive, if sometimes intimidating, whole. The lyrics are subdued to the point of being indecipherable in places, and instruments are brought to the front of the sound when they are least expected.

There is much aural experimentation, brilliant musicians toying with time signatures, and a crack producer having fun with bringing together a myriad of sounds.

this Canadian group's second album, You Forgot It in People, gracefully went boom, reminding lots of people why they love indie rock-- the shambling ecstasy, the pitch-perfect experimentation, the unabashed heart-on-sleeveness of it all.

The collective reacts to the furor by expanding and magnifying; another six members join the brood for its self-titled third full-length, and the band's once-refined studio sound is blown up into a pixilated blur of blood-gush guitars and squall-of-sound production that's somehow meticulously unhinged. This exercise in excess makes the ambitious You Forgot It in People seem positively understated by comparison.

Highlights Include: Major Label Debut, Canada vs America, All My Friends, and Feel Good Lost Reprise.

Broken Social Scene - 7/4 Shoreline

Broken Social Scene - Canada vs America

Broken Social Scene - All my friends

Broken Social Scene - Feel Good Lost Reprise

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